Telephone Ringer Specifications

Listen to ringing phones plugged into the Telephone Ring Generator.

You can plug in any working phone, even cordless DECT, for an Authentic sound on Stage, Theatre, TV or Film production set.

Telephone Ring Generator

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Telephone Ring Generator world cadences

Technical Specification

Dimensions: 171 X 145 X 56 mm

Ringing Voltage output: Approx 120v ac (depending on device).

Ring frequency: 25Hz Sine Wave.

3 Cadence model:

      UK 0.4 sec On, 0.2 sec Off, 0.4 sec On, 2 seconds Off.

      US long 2 sec On, 4 seconds Off.

      US or ASIA short 1 sec On, 2 seconds Off.

6 Cadence model with 3 additional cadences to the above:

      EU Europe 1 sec On, 4 seconds Off.

      BELGIUM 1 sec On, 3 seconds Off.

      FRANCE 1.65 secs On, 3.35 seconds Off.

Power consumption: Approximately 5 watts.

12v 500ma plugin power supplyMains Plug-in Power Pack: Regulated 12v dc 500Ma output, with 2.1mm dc plug +ve centre pin.

Two rear Telephones sockets: The unit will support 2 sounder or bell telephones simultaneously, and may be used with a long telephone extension lead.


The units are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase subject to the following:-

1. If faulty, the Unit is returned to Precision Vision - carriage paid and undamaged.

2. No attempt has been made to repair or tamper with the unit and a Power pack of greater than 12vdc has not been used.

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Please note!

It is prohibited to connect this ringer to either a public or private exchange, there are punitive fines and irreparable damage may ensue.

Countries not having 240v mains supply may use their own Power pack provided it meets the same specifications as above.

A price reduction will be made if a Power pack is not supplied.

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