Ringer Operating Instructions
BT type 700 phone
BT Duet 200 phone

Insert the DC Power plug into the socket on the rear of the ringer unit marked +12vdc. Ensure the "Regulated plug in power supply" is set to 12v output.

Plug in any working telephone fitted with a BT or RJ11* jack, to either of the sockets at the rear of the ringer unit.

Plug the power supply into the ac mains, the status and P.S.U. indicators should now light up (Red).

Set the cadence switch to your preference - USA - UK - USA short.

To begin the ringing process press the green start button, the status indicator will flash green and the phone will ring, it will stop as soon as the receiver is lifted. If the phone is to be left unanswered, press the red stop button to cancel the ringing when required.

*via adaptor

Telephone stage ringer
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