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Good morning. Just to let you know that the two units have arrived on my desk this morning. Thank you for your speedy completion of the order, if only all our suppliers were so prompt! The units look just the job. One of the units has gone into service on the Woolpack set on Emmerdale, the other will be installed shortly. I've heard no complaints (usually the best feedback). Best regards, Martin O. http://www.granadamedia.com [UK]

I've had a chance to play with it and it looks like it will do the job for us. We have managed to get it just in time for the final rehearsal before we go into the theatre which is great. The Telephone Ring Generator performed perfectly and was exactly what we were looking for. I'm sure it will be used in future productions also. Thanks again Daniel M. http://www.scottishopera.org.uk [Scotland UK]

Hi, Picked up the ringer on Friday and put it into use on Saturday,  works great and the tech is very happy that she doesn't have to try to call from  another phone. Used your adaptor as the pre made ones didn't seem to work but I  will take a closer look when I get back from Kerry next week. Mark J. http://that-theatre.com [Copenhagen SV Denmark]

The Telephone Ring Generator is just what we needed - indeed, I've been looking for something similar for ages. My only suggestion might be that a unit could ring two different telephones individually (I assume this would be a more expensive unit!). But I am very pleased to have found the unit and it has already proved very useful. Yours, David L. http://www.theatreroyalnorwich.co.uk/ [UK]

Ringer arrived today... perfect thank you. Didn’t have a "standard" phone to test it with so plugged in my DECT cordless phones (twin handsets all mod cons) expecting them to be too advanced and not ring... and they did perfectly with all settings. Excellent work... Thanks Again Mark D. http://www.albrightonplayers.org.uk [UK]

The 'Telephone Ring Generator' was passed to me by Mrs McT a week ago. I have installed & tested it at theatre and it works very well, (the first live test is next week when we run 'Educating Rita' for the whole week). I'm sure this device will make my job much easier when on-stage telephones are required and will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting a similar device. I thank you for your prompt attention & delivery. regards, Clive R. http://www.stageonetheatre.com [Cyprus]

Hi. Everything is going well. The crew were very impressed with the ringer, a vast improvement on our previous offering which was a lottery with less than equal odds! Dave H. GADOC [Guernsey]

Thank you for your excellent service. I have now installed and tested the telephone ringer and it works perfectly. I don’t really have any comments or suggestions because the unit does exactly what you said it would and its assembly is very neat and professional. Basically, it is excellent and I will be in touch again soon for another unit. Russ E. http://www.lsiprojects.com [UK]

Package arrived at our office in Cambridge today, thanks for the swift service. I think the unit is really very good, robust, simple to use and a good size. Thanks again! Richard C. Production Manager http://www.hoipolloi.org.uk [UK]

I liked the two length options on American ringing and the fact that the ring cycle starts on cue, not runs continuously as with other makes (which cause wooly cueing) Rob T. http://www.thelittletheatre.net [UK]

Hi. Your box of tricks was a great success and suits our needs ideally. I have always hated phones ringing off stage when they are meant to be on stage! Simon B. http://www.saltertondrama.co.uk [UK]

Just to let you know the ringer arrived this morning. It's installed with 3 phones and nearly 40 metres of cable, it works a treat! Thanks a lot for the prompt response and the excellent kit. Kevin G. www.curtaintheatrerochdale.co.uk [UK]

Hello, It's all good (with my test rigs - going out in anger later this year) - does what it says on the tin! Thanks for your follow-up care. Colin C. http://centrestage.orpheusweb.co.uk  [Belfast UK]

Thanks very much. The Ringer fulfils our requirement very well. Both units we have bought from you have been fitted within a Stage Managers Desk so they have been modified to allow remote switching. The mod enabled us to operate the unit with a one button press for UK ring, or a second button press for US ring. As long as one of the buttons is pressed the unit rings and stops when released. Kevin M. http://www.stage-electrics.co.uk [UK]

The Telephone Ring Generator did everything promised and worked perfectly every time.  The only thing that I think would be a huge advantage is if you could give an option to increase the volume of the telephone ring.  I appreciate that this is the phone rather than the ring generator, but you may be able to think of how to achieve it? Best wishes. Virginia B. http://witneydrama.co.uk  [UK]

Arrived safe and sound. Tried and tested, all seems fine - a very professional product exactly as described - many thanks for your help. Will recommend it to others when the opportunity arises. Roger P. http://www.bebingtondramaticsociety.co.uk [UK]

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Ring Generator was a complete success and our commercial shoot went without a glitch. The Ring Generator was driving a phone over a cat 5 extension of 75 meters! New record maybe? Thanks again for your assistance and such a great product. I’d definitely recommend this unit to anyone in the future. Gavin S. aikyasystems.co.uk [UK]

Thanks for a very prompt response to my order. I’m very glad we have purchased this; it will be so much better than using recorded ringing. When I set it up at rehearsals, it was received very well by both cast and director. I'm certain that after my initial teething troubles with our old GPO 332 phone, it is working perfectly. Thanks again for you’re 'post sales' help with my phone problem. Best regards, Richard A. http://www.theworthyplayers.co.uk [UK]

I have used the ringer for a production in July and it worked fine. In October I will be using the Ringer Generator with a Dect phone on stage. I have tried this and all seems fine, it is the only way I can have a phone where I want it – no cables. It is certainly a great piece of equipment and I would encourage any theatre or company to have one. Ian B. http://www.newventure.org.uk/ [UK]

Package received Friday, in great shape. Thank you. Adrian W. http://www.markhamlittletheatre.com [Canada]

Hi, As far as i’m aware it’s doing exactly what it says on the box! It’s currently out on ‘The 39 Steps’ tour and all are happy. Thanks for the follow up contact. Best, Huw S. http://www.stagesoundservices.co.uk/ [UK]

The telephone ring generator arrived here this morning, and “it does what it says on the tin”. Our production went very well and your telephone ring generator performed just as it was supposed to do. No doubt it will serve us well in our future productions thanks for your help, rest assured we shall recommend you to to other groups who may be interested in also having a ring generator. Colin M. http://www.crieffdramagroup.co.uk/ [Scotland UK]

The telephone ring generator served us very well for our performance.  We had just one telephone ringing, and it was so easy to use, making for a stress free sounds effects man! We hope to make good use of the device in the future and would thoroughly recommend this to any other drama society. We even used the telephone ringing to alert the audience that the interval was about to finish! Many thanks, Nigel A. Bicester Drama Society [UK]

The Ringer is working well. Only one modification that I have added. An external 12 volt battery option. I've just made up a plug and clips lead so it can be used where there is no mains available. Stephen L. http://www.billingshurstdramaticsociety.com/ [UK]

The equipment replaced our theatre group’s ageing telephone ringer. I am glad to say that the new ringer was promptly constructed, well packaged and promptly delivered and has worked perfectly in each performance of our most recent production.  Accurate sound effects are a necessity in thrillers.  Well done!  Mike A  http://www.marlowe-players.co.uk/ [UK]

Just to let you know, the ringing generator arrived here today, and I've tested all the functions - all working perfectly - thank you very much. Pretty fast delivery - Monday in the UK, to Monday 1 week later here in Hong Kong. Brilliant. Ian P. http://www.hongkongplayers.com/ [Hong Kong]

We have finally used our ring generator on a production and it performed beautifully through four weeks of rehearsal and performances. We required two phones for the action one electronic and one old GPO bell type and the unit handled both very well. Thanks for the info on how to adapt older phones, it was very useful and made the job of changing the wiring a quick and simple one. We have data (Cat6) tie-lines from the control position to the stage already installed and used suitable adapters, an inexpensive data switch found on ebay and telephone extensions for the final leg on the stage. The cable length was around 25 metres and the phones still rang with no loss of volume. Thanks again for a great unit and excellent service. Mark S www.thesaintsdramacoventry.co.uk [UK]


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